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Good grief

In Romance, Society on June 3, 2011 at 10:00 am

Bianca Miller Portrait

Now, I declare, there is nothing that irritates me more than a name dropper, a social climber or a star snogger. Botheration!

But as I may have modestly mentioned before, due to my elevated sense of taste and style, I have had some opportunity to run in exclusive and elite social circles – among them, fashion, politics, art and of course Hollywood.

Bergen Street, where I work and reside, is a quaint little street with original store fronts, making the block a very desirable location for film shoots.  In fact, some time ago, my neighbors at Bergen Street Comics played host for the filming of what I’m told is a quirky and popular television comedy called Bored to Death.

As somewhat of a local celebrity myself, I had to be discreet about my entrance around the set and filming location. Entrances are key to elegance and I would never desire to distract from the filming of the actors. They are a delicate lot, and can get sensitive if they are not fawned over in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

At any rate, I happened upon the set to meet a very well known actor by the name of Sir Arrow Schwartzman (pictured below) with a lesser known, but from what I understand well respected working actor Mr. Jason Schwartzman.

Lady Bianca Miller and Mr Arrow Schwartzman

Lady Bianca Miller (left) and Mr Arrow Schwartzman (right) and friends

Although I tried my darndest to enter surrepetiously, their actor friend Mr. Zach Galifinakis  was overcome by my beauty and made quite a scene, if you pardon the pun.

“Look, look at that beautiful porcelain goddess!  Such soulful eyes, no profile, and a body shaped like a perfect peanut!” I believe he said.

Needless to say, I politely sidestepped Mr Galifinakis’ advances as I had grown close to Mr. Arrow Shwartzman at this point. Since then I have found that the pressures of his fame – when combined with my own – proved too much for our emerging love and so we have parted ways.

Well, it turns out, Mr. Galifinakis went on to star in a film with a beautiful young actress (seen here wearing a daring avant-garde plastic cone headpiece) bearing a striking resemblance to me.

Lady Bianca Miller lookalike

Lady Bianca Miller lookalike

Coincidence?  I know not and I think not.

Elegantly Yours,

Bianca Miller


It’s in the bag

In Style on June 2, 2011 at 10:00 am

Proud as I am of my modest achievements in life; my modeling career, my broad social circle and my vintage outerwear collection, I cannot say I’ve ever been driven academically. Those with the ability to focus on the far distant prospect of professional practice, and study tirelessly to that end, have my respect and admiration.

This is not to say that I envy them. On the contrary, I believe that in life as in fashion, one should always follow one’s heart and play to one’s strengths. As such my heart and talents have steered me towards a rich and fulfilling life in this, the most fabulous of cities.

I will confess however, to a long standing penchant for the exquisite leather goods that I believe are unfairly hoarded by the professions. Briefcases, satchels and particularly Doctor’s bags have a special place in my heart and wardrobe and I think it’s high time the doctors, lawyers and their ilk learned to share.

My dear friend Ms. Miller, whose little store I may have mentioned, having had to hear my thoughts on the subject perhaps once too often, recently took delivery of some very handsome bags that to my mind are just the ticket.

See for yourself


Bianca Miller

Imagine my dismay

In Etiquette, Nemesis, Slander on June 1, 2011 at 10:00 am

I believe I have mentioned my dear friend Ms. Miller and her little store on Bergen Street. This is normally a charming place to spend a little time and greet the very loveliest of people in the neighborhood.

Imagine my dismay therefore when, through some oversight, my name was not on the guest list at a recent informal party held at the store, celebrating the birthday of our very own The Glorious Ms. Amanda Redmon! Alas, not only was I refused entry but the doorman, a gruff sea turtle accompanied by his crony Sir Michael Malice, was so rude I was moved to raise my paw at him as I spoke.

turtle guestlist mishap

Attacked! Lady Bianca Miller (center) with Sir Michael Malice (right)

Unfortunately, with the whole world now having a cameraphone, this very moment was captured by My Nemesis who had the gall to post the photo on Facebook and imply the scene had become violent. The nerve.

For the record, I behaved in a manner fitting of a lady and this photograph is surely an example of how the camera can sometimes lie.

I trust that will be the end of the matter and wish not to speak of it again.


Bianca Miller

Please allow me to introduce myself

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2011 at 10:00 am

Hello there,

My name is Bianca and I divide my time between my friend Miss Miller’s rather lovely boutique in Park Slope, Brooklyn and a pretty little pad nearby.  The boutique is a darling, truly personal place and I vehemently support her return to this tradition over mega-retail in this age of fast food, fast fashion and fast culture.

Though I blame the internet and the rise of social media for the decline of literacy, human intimacy and communication, I do like to think of myself a forward thinking gal, and so I’ve chosen to add blogging to my list of pastimes. As a socialite, model and arbiter of style, I am often asked for my opinion in matters of fashion and etiquette. Therefore I thought it prudent to share some of my thoughts and misgivings on those subjects with the more digitally inclined among you with my little blog, simply entitled ‘That’s what B said…’

To begin with, I shall be taking questions as I do normally in the store, but also welcome any question you may wish to ask here on the internet.


Bianca Miller

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