It’s in the bag

In Style on June 2, 2011 at 10:00 am

Proud as I am of my modest achievements in life; my modeling career, my broad social circle and my vintage outerwear collection, I cannot say I’ve ever been driven academically. Those with the ability to focus on the far distant prospect of professional practice, and study tirelessly to that end, have my respect and admiration.

This is not to say that I envy them. On the contrary, I believe that in life as in fashion, one should always follow one’s heart and play to one’s strengths. As such my heart and talents have steered me towards a rich and fulfilling life in this, the most fabulous of cities.

I will confess however, to a long standing penchant for the exquisite leather goods that I believe are unfairly hoarded by the professions. Briefcases, satchels and particularly Doctor’s bags have a special place in my heart and wardrobe and I think it’s high time the doctors, lawyers and their ilk learned to share.

My dear friend Ms. Miller, whose little store I may have mentioned, having had to hear my thoughts on the subject perhaps once too often, recently took delivery of some very handsome bags that to my mind are just the ticket.

See for yourself


Bianca Miller


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