Bianca Miller Portrait

Hello there,

My name is Bianca Miller and I divide my time between my rather lovely boutique in Park Slope, Brooklyn and a pretty little pad nearby.  My shop is a darling, truly personal place and I vehemently support a return to old world tradition over mega-retail in this age of fast food, fast fashion and fast culture.

Though I blame the internet and the rise of social media for the decline of literacy, human intimacy and communication, I do like to think of myself a forward thinking gal, and so I’ve chosen to add blogging to my list of pastimes.

As a socialite, model and arbiter of style, I am often asked for my opinion in matters of fashion and etiquette. Therefore, I thought it prudent to share some of my thoughts and misgivings on those subjects with the more digitally inclined among you in the form of my little blog, simply entitled ‘That’s what B said…’

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Bianca Miller

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