Please allow me to introduce myself

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2011 at 10:00 am

Hello there,

My name is Bianca and I divide my time between my friend Miss Miller’s rather lovely boutique in Park Slope, Brooklyn and a pretty little pad nearby.  The boutique is a darling, truly personal place and I vehemently support her return to this tradition over mega-retail in this age of fast food, fast fashion and fast culture.

Though I blame the internet and the rise of social media for the decline of literacy, human intimacy and communication, I do like to think of myself a forward thinking gal, and so I’ve chosen to add blogging to my list of pastimes. As a socialite, model and arbiter of style, I am often asked for my opinion in matters of fashion and etiquette. Therefore I thought it prudent to share some of my thoughts and misgivings on those subjects with the more digitally inclined among you with my little blog, simply entitled ‘That’s what B said…’

To begin with, I shall be taking questions as I do normally in the store, but also welcome any question you may wish to ask here on the internet.


Bianca Miller


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