Behind Enemy Lines

In inspiration on November 2, 2011 at 10:01 am

It seems these days there comes a time in every successful woman’s life when scrutiny shifts away from her achievements and towards her changing outward appearance.

Never is this more true than in the case where the woman in question’s very success gives rise to envy and malice in the hearts of the less kind.

None of this is news you might say but to me it bears repeating and for this my reasons are manifold. Firstly, ignoring this sorry state of affairs is tantamount to acceptance, something I will not grant. Secondly, these days more than ever should we not be pulling together and not apart?

Ultimately however, I feel moved to share my thoughts on the subject because of the truly disturbing trend of so called cosmetic procedures undertaken by young, fabulous creatures by way of addressing this cruel and pervasive atmosphere of judgement.

I understand those in the gutterpress will have you believe it is the very youngest of the career driven of our generation who are succumbing to pressure. Poppycock, I had insisted. How ridiculous. Next they’ll have us believe the derivatives market was a good idea after all and that leggings are a right and not a privilege!

But how wrong I was. Imagine my horror when none other than yours truly became the subject of such vicious harassment.

There I was, enjoying myself at a casual get together with some friends and acquaintances when it was suggested I “do something” about the lines on my face!

Not only that but before I realized what was happening, one of the heinous fiends had the gall to reach out, grab my delicate ears and push them back to demonstrate the effect of “a little work”.

If you can pardon the brief lapse in my Swiss finishing school manners: what the f*^#^%{#*ing God forsaken f$>%#{~£* did that $>£* think she was doing?

And of course, my ever present nemesis although not present, somehow got wind of this and managed to bribe the evening’s photographer to hand over a snapshot of the incident. Last time I hire that miscreant, let me tell you.

And so all that’s left for me to do is to warn, nay beseech all the young, ambitious and stylish beauties out there who look to me for guidance and inspiration. Be true to yourselves ladies, wear your beauty and your success proudly, at any age and any stage. And don’t let the b>^*#~>£* get you down to the plastic surgeon’s office.

Yours with pride,

Bianca Miller


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